Portrait Shoots:

This covers all aspects of portraiture photography, Family Shoot, Engagement Shoot, Couples Shoot, Model Portfolio, Comp Card (z card / zed card), Lifestyle Shoot, Wedding Photography, Matric Farewell.


Architecture and Real Estate:

When there is a building that needs to be shown off, it pays to have the proper image of the premises. I offer professional quality photos to help improve visibility of the house you are trying to sell. Let me help you show that the hotel or lodge you are running is the one where people want to spend their vacation time and bring the value in for you. I love to capture the dream that architects had and placed on paper, especially when you see their faces after completion of the project and everything has come to fruition, capturing that dream in reality is one of greatest moments of an architects dream as well as bragging rights.


Food Photography:

Want to show off your creations in the kitchen, then let a professional photographer make your food look succulent, fresh and the best.


Product Photography:

From jewellery to perfume and above, tell me the feeling you want to have portrayed with your product and I will make the feeling shown and understood by your clients.


Event Photography:

Let me preserve your memories of your event, memories fade but a photo helps keep that memory going.


Fine Art Prints:

If you want your bare wall to look amazing and attract attention, then a beautifully framed fine art print is one of the best ways to make it look better. I do special projects as well in these regards to try and get what you are looking for.


Found what you are looking for?:

I work in a wide variety of photography genres. If there is anything that you may not see but would like to find out more about, contact me and I will get back to you.

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