Female Model Photo Shoot of Alisha at the Museum of Africa


I left Roodepoort the afternoon of 25 June 2016 and travelled to the Museum Africa Museum Africa that is situated in the centre of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. This trip was arranged to do a model portfolio photo shoot of Alisha inside Museum Africa.

We met up with various other photographers to do the model portfolio photo shoot that was arranged by DPC. On entering the Museum Africa, we were given a short induction about the place and then discussed what and where we were allowed to take photos inside the Museum Africa. The different poses and clothing that Alisha was going to wear during this session was discussed.

Alisha is such as lovely and outgoing person with such great talent to do modelling. It was such a pleasure to have been able to take photos of her at the various places and with the different clothing that she dressed in. She was so natural in the poses and suggested various ways to pose. This was a great advantage of photographing her.

I showed Alisha the photos that were taken and thanked her for having had the opportunity to do a model photo session with her and wished her all the best for the future and mentioned that I hope to meet her again one day in the future.

We left the afternoon with a number of lovely photos of her and can proudly display them for you to see.

More photos of Alisha will soon be placed on the Blog.

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Female Model Portfolio Roodepoort Johannesburg West Rand

Female Model Portfolio Roodepoort Johannesburg West Rand

Female Model Portfolio Roodepoort Johannesburg West Rand







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